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Rent Your Car to the Neighbors - New Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with RelayRides, a service that allows community members to rent vehicles from others in their community. Each rental is backed by a $1 million insurance policy.
We decided to partner with RelayRides for several different reasons. First, it gives residents a way of earning a supplemental income on vehicles that are rarely driven and sometimes just sits in the driveway. Secondly, it gives residents that don`t own a car an easier way to get around. And thirdly, it makes renting much more affordable.
Before endorsing this new service, the NHOA decided to give it a try. After listing a 2005 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van for rent we were able see why the service is so popular on the west coast. The van was rented within days to a family visiting Orlando from Texas. The father stated that this van would have costed him $200 a day but booked through us because it only costed $45 a day. This was clearly a win-win situation for everyone as it allowed us to rent out a vehicle that we rarely ever use.
We encourage all of our homeowners to give RelayRides a try. If you are unable to find a vehicle please let us know by submitting an inquiry on and we will work with homeowners in the area to get a vehicle listed for you to rent.