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Never Giving Up

by Solomon Williams
June 5, 2012


Orlando`s Memo Distribution Team Members
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 Mary and Tony have been homeless(living on the street), without jobs, hungry, and struggling when we first met them. After 90 days assisting the National Homeowners Association`s street team, Mary and Tony now manages a portion of our marketing, has room and board paid for by the NHOA, just purchased them a new car, helps operate our company van for taking others to work, earns a very decent wage, and truly enjoys what they do! I will also mention they are responsible for us reaching over $100k in signups in the first quarter of 2012 while helping us to expand across Florida.
Stay tuned for their glamour/professional/team photos. :) #Bless Others And You Will Be Blessed.

(from Solomon Williams` facebook page)

Weathering Your Storm

by Solomon Williams
May 25, 2012
In life we all are faced with turbulent winds that knock us down. But be encouraged in knowing that your storms are meant to only make you stronger. The truth is, if you believe in a higher power you can  rest assured in knowing that you have the tools needed to fight and weather any difficulties you are facing.
Storm [noun]: Something you face right before reaching your next level of prosperity.


Opening New Doors to Achieve Economic Prosperity

by Solomon & Rasheedah Williams
May 12, 2012
Many people are finding it extremely difficult to maintain the same standard of living before the crisis of 2008. And with jobs being increasingly harder to come by and the uncertainty of the housing market, it is possible that this may be the new norm.
But what we have failed to realize is that although one door has been shut, another one has been opened.
It is without question that today is absolutely the best time ever to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. Startup costs are much lower and there is a wave of support coming from local, state, and government programs. You also have new ways of funding called crowd-funding, that allows for you to raise money from other individuals willing to support your dreams and ambitions.
So, while you may be waiting on a future employer to call you and say those magical words, "you are hired", you could be starting your own business in the meantime. Not to mention receiving unemployment as you pursue your dreams. The key is to not be idol during these economic times. Keep moving. Explore your talents. Keep the faith. And go after that thing you`ve always wanted to do. The fruits of your labor will be much more rewarding. And who knows, you may decide to never go back to work. Be Blessed!