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Rent Your Car to Neighbors - New Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with RelayRides, a service that allows community members to rent vehicles from others in their community. Each rental is backed by a $1 million insurance policy.
We decided to partner with RelayRides for several different reasons. First, it gives residents a way of earning a supplemental income on vehicles that are rarely driven and sometimes just sits in the driveway. Secondly, it gives residents that don`t own a car an easier way to get around. And thirdly, it makes renting much more affordable. Read More...

Great New Feature Added Today (6/13/2012)

You can now dispute a service before being charged. This feature helps to ensure that you are happy with the service you received before paying for it while also helps to ensure that our service providers continue to do a wonderful job at your property. To view this new feature, Log into your Account, and click "File Dispute". To use this feature be sure to submit your dispute within 48hrs of receiving the email confirmation that service has been provided at your property.

The Revolution of the Key is Coming

May 19, 2012 

Soon, you will be able to unlock the door to your home from your mobile device. But what we liked most is being able to send a key to anyone with a mobile device, such as our maids, or a family member, with very little effort. You can then disable the key when the maid is done, or when your family has returned home from visiting you.
Once this device is available we will be working with our HSP members to have it installed for less than $30. To learn more click here.

Conference Photos are Now Available - Community Association Institute


If you are an HOA President or Board Member that attended the 2012 Conference held in Las Vegas,  you may view some of the photos taken here.

Consumer Alert: The Better Business Bureau is Under Scrutiny


After reports of scrutiny by ABC News, the United States Senator, Intuit, and our experience working with the Better Business Bureau, we have found that the BBB`s rating system is significantly flawed and uses a `pay for play` scheme to award/punish small businesses. (Please review the links above and the ABC 20/20 investigative report). Read More


Homeowners Savings Program

April 14, 2012
Reminder: Don`t miss the deadline to register in the Homeowners Savings Program! Enroll here.


Support the Coalition for the Homeless

April 14, 2012

Our 2012 initiative includes supporting the Homeless Coalition by providing jobs to those that are homeless. As we continue to make progress we will update you here.

More Negotiations are in Progress

April 14, 2012

We are currently working with several department stores to provide discounts to homeowners on certain products. We expect to complete negotiations by May 1, 2012.