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About Us

The National Homeowners Association (NHOA) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to handling service negotiations and vendor relationships for HOAs, Community Associations (CAs), and homeowners. Our involvement in this area helps to foster enormous savings to communities and homeowners while in turn creating more job opportunities for small businesses.

The National Homeowners Association`s corporate headquarters is located in Orlando Florida.

Our Team

The NHOA Team consists of a growing number of brokers and volunteers within communities nationwide. Our brokers are responsible for managing and negotiating opportunities for local HOAs, Community Associations, and homeowners. Find out how you can join our team...Learn How

Our Partners


The NHOA is a newly formed organization started in 2009 with two very basic principles in mind:

Believing in these very basic principles have lead to the adoption of a proprietary bidding and contract management solution that provides for increased competition amongst entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Cost for Our Service

The NHOA does not charge a fee to associations. Associations hire us to provide trustworthy contractors, while also negotiating the best price for services. Payments are made directly to the NHOA allowing for associations to work with one single entity.
To learn more about our success we invite you to give us a call at 321-332-1550. We would be more than happy to attend any association meetings.